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Financial advisory

Oxford Professionals provide you with all the help, advice and support needed with your new or existing business in the following areas:

  • Financial Business Planning
  • Break-even analyses
  • Tax planning
  • SWOT analyses
  • Financial director services
  • Offshore solutions
Business Planning

Preparing a business plan takes a lot of time, as you need to consider all aspects of the business. A basic financial business plan needs to cover objectives, strategies, sales, marketing and financial forecasts. Having a business plan in place helps you to clarify your business idea, spot potential problems, set out your goals, and measure your progress. A financial business plan is also needed when applying for a loan or securing investment from a bank.

Break-even analyses

It is important to identify your start-up costs, which will help you determine your sales revenue needed to pay ongoing business expenses. This is when break even analysis comes in handy, as it determines when your business will be able to cover all its expenses and begin to make a profit.

Tax Planning

To minimise your business tax bills, effective tax planning is essential. A business owner’s tax planning needs to be based on both business and personal taxation. Business or corporation tax planning and income tax planning should go hand-in-hand. Tax planning is not the only issue, you may need to take advice on other issues, such as the significance of limited liability protection if you form a company.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) is a technique used for understanding a business’s strengths and weaknesses and identifying opportunities available and threats your business may face. Strengths and weaknesses are often internal to your business and opportunities and threats generally relate to external factors.

Financial Director

Business owners find themselves trying to perform the role of Finance Director when they should really be doing what they’re best at, making sure the business becomes successful. With Financial Director services it also adds huge amount of value to a business. A financial director can work for a business on a flexible, part time basis.

Offshore Solutions

Offshore solutions is used for a variety of commercial and private purposes. All offshore companies tend to enjoy certain core characteristics - they are broadly not subject to taxation in their home jurisdiction, the corporate regime will be designed to promote business flexibility and regulation of corporate activities will normally be lighter than in a developed country.